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Enhanced Tourism Experiences

Barbara Neuhofer, Lecturer at Bournemouth University School of Tourism and Researcher at Bournemouth Universities eTourism Lab, focuses her research on the effect of technology on contemporary tourism experiences. The Digital Tourism Think Tank spoke with Barbara about pressing industry trends such as co-creation, customer centricity and digital technologies, and how these developments increasingly shape the tourism domain.


With the rise of customer centricity and the emergence of technologies, tourism experiences have become increasingly driven, co-created and facilitated by social and mobile technologies. With its massive potential of implementation throughout the entire customer journey, pre/during/post travel, technology has been transforming the nature of contemporary tourism experiences.

This report highlights 10 cutting-edge industry cases realising technology enhanced tourism experiences to reveal how businesses can instrumentalise technology to facilitate more interactive, co-created and competitive tourism experiences in the future.


This exciting new research Lab, led by Professor Dimitrios Buhalis and Bournemouth University, explores cutting edge information and communication technologies, alongside e-based strategic management and marketing for the tourism and hospitality industries. The eTourism lab’s mission is to push back the barriers of knowledge on eTourism and through Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) empower policy making and strategic competitive advantage.


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