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Building a 365 Creative Team | Workflow, People & Resources
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Building a 365 Creative Team | Workflow, People & Resources

Workshop's Leaders:

How do you tell the story of your destination or business every day of the year and keep the experience you have to offer relevant and appealing in the eyes of your socially hooked customers? This workshop is aimed at answering that with a completely hands-on approach Emil and Thomas will help participants think about how they can take active steps towards building a '365 Content Team'.

In this workshop, Thomas Christensen & Emil Spangenberg will get the attendees swift on their feet to begin with, and get the content production going in the streets and on the bridges of Copenhagen. So dress for the weather. Thomas and Emil will present the framework and structure behind a new 365 day branding approach for destinations, and get everyone involved in both production (film, text, pictures) and in building your own content and editorial frameworks for your destination.
Expect a challenging, fun and informal day with lot’s of learnings and two expert hosts.

Starting out looking the macro trends, how social and mobile has impacted our decision making process as consumers, this workshop will then drill this down to how that needs to change the way we work day-to-day in telling our story and being in-tune by serving up the type of content people are craving on social.

  • In this workshop, expect to learn about:
  • Building a 365 content team
  • Workflow, skills and talent
  • Building a network of creators
  • Approaches to social content creation
  • Brilliant smartphone photography
  • Building social stories and grams
  • Establishing identity & community

Participants in this workshop will get hands on and have the opportunity to go on location and learn how to make great content for social. Looking at a variety of approaches to short form video to real-time storytelling, you'll have the opportunity to learn and try a variety of techniques where you'll see for real how to start changing your perspective on social content creation.

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