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Design Thinking for Destinations
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The DTTT Team is happy to announce for 2017 a series of workshops as part of the DTTT Launchpad.

Design Thinking for Destinations

Do you sometimes feel that everyone in your organisation is working in silos? Is collaboration and co-creation more of a buzz-word than something you practice routinely? Are you sometimes frustrated by the lack of clear communication that exists amongst your teams?

If the answer is yes to any of those, this workshop will guide you to work in a different way, adopting a 'design led' approach to problem solving and making co-creation and the visualisation of ideas pivotal to your future success. Using the #DTTT's design led approach to transformation, our expert team will explain how to use templates as a canvas for those big ideas you work on over time and the smaller ideas that crop up day by day.

We'll open-up the #DTTT Launchpad and take a look at the different types of templates available and explain how to use them. Taking some common problems and challenges shared by participants, we'll show how co-creation is really possible with the right support to aide it and by the end of the workshop demonstrate just how transformative and productive this process can be.

The workshop will look at how to solve problems through design thinking across a range of DMO needs:

  • Strategy Design
  • Performance Auditing
  • Social & Content Planning
  • Product & Experience
  • New Technology R&D
We'll cover and get hands on specifically with:
  • Templates: how and when to use them
  • Identifying a 'Resource Champion'
  • Taking idea visualisation to productive output
  • Building Agile Teams
  • Design Thinking with your industry
  • Externalising Internal Workflow
Expect to get hands-on with templates, develop ideas collaboratively with your peers and contribute to one another's challenges with your own knowledge and expertise.
Sign-up for this workshop early as seats are extremely limited.

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