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Innovation + Trends | Going Behind the Trend with Innovation Lab
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Innovation + Trends | Going Behind the Trend with Innovation Lab

See the future before your competition

We analyse the hottest trends and break them down into human needs, thus giving you powerful insights to where your customers are going to next. We also apply the learning to your business, and give you the methods and tools, so that you can continuously do so, as the world and your business evolve.

Workshop in trend understanding and application

Structured analysis of the underlying human needs and wants in today’s hottest trends to better understand people and future expectations.
Using the trend insights to design products and services that cater to the new expectations and the evolving needs of your customers.

Take away

  • What are trends
  • Where do trends come from
  • How to spot and analyse trends
  • How to use trends to create innovative solution to future needs

Why this workshop is important for your business

Innovation + Trends is more accurate than surveys, cheaper than user studies and more approachable than big data. If you know the future expectations of your customers, before the competition, then you have the opportunity to be the disruptor in your industry.

Trends are not something that magically appears. For example the "Trust Economy", including the likes of Airbnb, Uber and TaskRabbit, is a product of changes in technology, in people and society. Trends build on changes in the world and thereby create possibilities for attentive businesses.

We teach you to spot and analyse relevant trends and give you the tools to apply the underlying human perspectives to your business.

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