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The Digital Tourism Think Tank has a long history of delivering cutting edge events, both with regards to concepts, content, speakers and equally important is the use of latest tools and technologies. Over the last two years, we have developed a unique approach that enables us to live stream a range of events in real-time to a number of audiences around the world. Our team is experienced having live streamed a variety of events in a multitude of locations all around Europe.

Keeping on par with industry needs, live streaming is a great tool that enables an audience that cannot physically attend the event to still experience it in a unique way. By watching a live stream and interacting with the event hashtag, we can engage not only the attendees in the room but also an additional audience online.

The Digital Tourism Think Tank live streams industry events, trade shows or client events based on individual needs, using a low-tech but high-quality approach. The key to a successful live stream of an event is our proven approach in preparing and producing a live stream of the event, bringing our live audience up close and personal with speakers.

Once the live stream is broadcasted, it is still available after an event as a recording and we can edit, enhance and enrich the stream in post production.

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