Simon Lewis

I am the founder of Travel Concept Solution an international digital media marketing agency working in Africa, South America & Europe. We have been developing creative marketing campaigns for global brands since 2007 and created the first national blogger campaign in South Africa in 2011
This led us to be part of the team that created the famous #MeetSouthAfrica campaign for South African Tourism and we later went on to create the #LifeOnIos Video Project in partnership with Visit Greece and Lonely Planet.
Last year we created three #Blogathons in three different South Africa Cities to highlight the things to do in each city in partnership with CheapFlights through local bloggers.
We continue to develop new concepts and also in 2016 we started Video Road Trips which we see as the evaluation of press trips as they give bloggers and influencers a chance to really experience a destination at their own pace and give them time to create the content they need to share with their audience.
Please take a look at our Namibia Road Trip as an example plus our latest niche campaigns Golf Costa Brava & Patmos Revelation.
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