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Trend spotting is something that we as the #DTTT Team are doing as part of our research when identifying interesting topics, speakers or material to include as part of the many events, presentations, workshops and subscriber content that we produce. We often talk about the importance of trend spotting, so I wanted to dedicate this opinion piece to this quite important topic.

For me, Trend spotting is a skill that every marketer needs to have. Of course, I am not suggesting every DMO or business should employ a full-time trend spotter in their organisation; you already have enough on your plate. However, it is important to monitor what is happening and adopt a culture within your destination or business that encourages everyone to consider how you can make a trend your own, adapt it and innovate.

So what do we mean by trend spotting? Well for starters, trend spotting means:

  • Identifying new trends
  • Understanding global and regional consumer trends
  • Identifying best practices
  • Identifying innovation across industries

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Although this might sound a little complicated, it is a mindset that we at the #DTTT follow, where we monitor what is happening in the world, what patterns of consumer behaviour emerge and what trends we can identify through changes in behavioural patterns that evolve into trends.

When a new trend is born, it is not so much about being the first to spot the trend, but it is much more interesting to adapt the trend and innovate yourself.

It is those destinations and businesses that spot a trend in its infancy that can capitalise on the opportunity a trend brings and succeed. So how can you make a trend your own?

As a marketer, you understand that it is not necessary to do and be where everyone else is but being in the right place, doing the right thing at the right time.

So how can you succeed as a marketer by spotting a trend, adapt it and innovate? In marketing, copyright is important but copying right is sometimes more important. The same applies to digital marketing in all its glory. For us, it all starts with adopting a trend driven culture, highlighting some out of the box thinking you come across in tourism but also in industries such as retail, fashion or automotive.

Following a trend driven culture also means, aiming to innovate and share the knowledge internally to continue to be an innovator. Sharing is caring, so make sure you share your knowledge and things you see that are interesting for your DMOs work or business. Discussing new trends further ensures you challenge people in your organisation to think big, apply trends and innovate to drive success and growth for your DMO or business.

We have produced an in-depth trend spotting guide for our subscribers, outlining trends, technologies and how you can spot future trends before they happen. The guide explains in detail what trend spotting is, how you can work through a three step process towards innovating and also gives our take on three trends and some hot tips to succeed. If you are interested in accessing the report, then get in touch.



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