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With a background in destination marketing of more than a decade, Nick is one of the tourism industry’s leading experts on destination marketing. As founder of the Digital Tourism Think Tank (#DTTT), the leading platform connecting destinations worldwide on topics around digital trends and transformation, Nick has worked with hundreds of destinations helping to navigate the complexities of an increasingly digital visitor experience.

Through his work heading up the #DTTT, Nick has led the industry to think about ‘Destination Transformation’ and the impact the ‘always on’ visitor, the multi-touchpoint path to purchase and the need for organisations to think differently about their approach. At the core of Nick’s message and expertise is the need to stay current, on par with consumer trends, and foster a culture of innovation to remain competitive.Nick is a sought after keynote speaker with hundreds of engagements to his name, speaking extensively throughout Europe and further afield from Hawaii to Greenland -Cape Town to the Faore Islands. Working with the world’s leading destinations, Nick also consults on the impact of digital, covering a range of specialisations from content strategy to workflow transformation.




RamonRamona 200x200 Circlea currently works as Think Tank’s Programmes Director, overlooking and managing all activities from research to consultancy, partnerships and events. On a day to day basis, Ramona works closely with the Think Tank’s experts, partners and clients when developing strategies, managing projects and preparing programmes and content for industry events and workshops. Identifying and showcasing thought leadership in digital is also supported by Ramona through producing content for the Think Tank site and also providing recommendations to clients when working with them on developing their digital marketing strategies.





test 200 pictureRob is currently working as part of the Digital Tourism Think Tank's creative team. As Digital Media and Production Executive he's main responsibilities are producing videos and making graphics to ensure that there is a constant supply of visual content for all the Think Tank's digital distribution channels. Rob was educated in Video Production at the University of Chichester where he learnt the production tools he uses to this day. After this he produced video content for a number of different websites as well as building a large library of personal projects. He is also completely self-taught in the art of graphic design using online tutorials to learn the complex programs needed making him a true digital native.

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