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Work with Us

The Digital Tourism Think Tank has launched an attractive new graduate programme, designed to attract and develop the very best talent with a complete immersion in all aspects of the tourism industry. Our Graduate Career Programme is designed to springboard your career to the next level with a unique development plan that will allow you to realise your potential faster, working for amongst the tourism industry’s leading experts, destinations and brands.

With our Graduate Career Programme you will have the professional backbone to turn your academic achievements into actionable research, analysis, insight and strategy, meeting the changing needs of today’s tourism industry. Working as a key part of a high-spirited and motivated team, you will get the support you need to develop your skills and expertise as a professional consultant.


This is what you can expect from the 12 month programme:

    • Harness your expertise – head straight from academia into business and make real sense of theory by developing your outstanding academic research further by applying it to real use case scenarios in front of an influential tourism industry audience.


    • Develop as a Consultant – your expertise and talent will be recognised by our team who will help you to channel your knowledge into meaningful research and strategies. You’ll have the opportunity to work as a Junior Consultant on exciting projects within the team and play a key part in delivering cutting edge research and strategic change in travel.


    • Unrivalled Industry Exposure – as the leading tourism industry platform for knowledge sharing, best practices, keynote talks and thought leadership in digital, you’ll get exposure to the tourism industry that no other company can offer. We strongly believe in empowering talent and we do this by getting you out there.


    • Attend and Make Flagship Events – we’re at every important event event taking place in tourism and we’re running the very best of them. Learn, get inspired and broaden your knowledge by being part of a busy on-the-road team which never stops learning.


    • Empower you to Lead – as a small business we put talent right at the front and empower each person in the company to develop their leadership skills. Whether it’s taking a project and delivering it successfully on standing on stage and inspiring others to act, you will be encouraged to become a leader.

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