#DTTT Academia is packed with amazing materials and resources to help students get to the next level. 🚀

Get a glimpse into the real world of destination marketing, acquire new skills, gain insights directly from the #DTTT's community of industry though leaders from around the world. Work through campaign planning and strategic worksheets to get hands on experience which will boost your career and help stand out from the competition.








Live Events



Get access to an invaluable resource of unprecedented insights. The #DTTT Launchpad is a treasure trove of information, best practices and research from leading DMOs and industry experts.


Watch real-world examples of industry leaders truly innovating the destination marketing space in a series of 30-minute video interviews.


Watch over 150 Talks from destinations, thought leaders and experts who have taken part in #DTTT events around the world.


Best Practices gives you a 360° vision of how national tourist boards, regions and cities are utilising trends to stay ahead of the competition.


Read our range of practical destination focused reports and guides to help you get into the DMO mindset.

Watch #DTTT Events Live

Academia members gain access to follow our annual flagship events, #DTTTGlobal and #DTTTCampus, live from the comfort of their own homes. Watch thought leaders from around the world come together to discuss the latest trends in digital, as well as sharing and tackling universal challenges faced by all DMOs.

#DTTT Campus where over the course of 2 days, we talk all about content, curating experiences and all the people behind it in.

Join us live for  #DTTT Global! Two exciting days of inspiration and innovation from the tourism industry's best future thinkers.

Monthly Circles & Webinars for Members
Circles are a real-time, open discussion with likeminded DMOs from all over the world to share their passion for all things digital and destination marketing.

⚪️ Discussions on the latest trends, hot topics & best practices

⚪️  Share ideas, thoughts and questions with your peers

⚪️  Collaborate and ideate on interactive Mural design boards

Templates & Learning Materials

We’ve custom-built API integrations with the leading collaborative tool Asana, and digital workspace Mural, where you can work with custom-built templates and visual design thinking techniques.

✏️  1 Click install full project management plans into Asana
✏️  1 Click install full design & canvas templates
✏️  100’s of pre-made workshop plans covering vast array of topics
✏️  Fully built agile real-world transformation workflow

One free pass for tutors and 90% enrolment discount for students
Training Graduates as Consultants
Enter the travel industry full equipped to become the next generation of consultants and change managers with our 12 part Destination Transformation Course. Learn directly from industry leaders who share their cutting edge insights on everything from targeting audiences to developing experiences and analysing data sets.
90% course discount for your students
€1350 now €135

🌈  12 part monthly online learning programme

🌈  Essential 1st year training for Post Graduates

🌈  Insight into real-world destination transformation

🌈  Hundreds of cases, examples and worksheets

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Just €2,000 per Institution

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