12 Stages of Transformation Series – Stage 12. Exploration & Innovation

February 11, 2020

The 12 Stages of Transformation Series is a comprehensive pack of resources created by the DTTT Team which follows the Transformation Framework, a model built around 12 key topics that form the basis for the Destination Transformation.

We are excited to release the last chapter of the #DTTT 12 Stages of Transformation Series:

Stage 12: Exploration & Innovation

This part of the Transformation Series focuses on Exploration & Innovation. It presents how crucial it is to prioritise innovation as a process to solve challenges, evaluate trends and identify opportunities. The same importance is demanded by exploration, which every organisation should find some time for.

It is key to keep an eye out in the market and detect what changes and shifts are happening, and where the industry is fast-progressing. Considering to innovate, it is important to remember that the biggest opportunities can impact any aspect of the DMO - internally, the products and experiences and the way of engaging with visitors. Nonetheless, four factors can help measure innovation: economic, social, cultural and symbolic capital. 

The best way to become innovative is to change the mindset of people within the organisation, and the most successful way of doing so is by applying Design Thinking methods. These will be presented in this chapter, where you will find an explanation of the fundamentals and principles of this method and interesting activities, as well as heaps of useful resources.

As usual, the chapter includes a series of further resources, such as Templates, Case Studies, Talks and an Asana Template that DTTT Members can use to start their journey towards innovation.

This will include:
  • An introduction to the importance of including Exploration & innovation in the daily routine
  • The Relevance of Human-centred Design Thinking, its principles, fundamentals and useful resources to apply it in your destination
  • An overview of how to change the mindset with Challenge Camps and Academy
  • Industry Innovation and Collaboration, Industry Development Programmes, the benefit of collaborating with Innovative Businesses in the destination
  • Examples and best practices of centres of exploration and innovation
  • Technology to enable a positive impact in the future
  • Diverse innovative approaches
  • Tips for DMOs on how to work in an innovative way, leaving space for exploration and on the simple steps you can take to make your work more creative
  • Case studies and Talks
    • Tourism Ireland on using Machine Learning & AI in Digital
    • Switzerland Tourism Transforming the DMO Website through Data & AI
    • Repositioning the Destination Digital First with Visit Wales
    • Les Îles de la Madeleine: Applying Design Thinking
    • Designing Signature Experiences to Build Brand and Narrative with Destination Canada
    • Accelerating Innovation through Hacks and Challenges
    • What do innovators want from destinations
    • Eindhoven 365 - Technology, Design, Knowledge  and Unconventional Ideas X Collaboration = Energy
    • How Mural is pioneering Remote Design Thinking
    • Visit Valsugana: Experience Finder Tool 
    • WeGoEU - Connecting Chinese Travellers to Europe through WeChat
    • Tourism Victoria & Real-Time Campaigning
    • Space Nation: Tourism of the Future
  • Templates and Packs to run sprints, workshops and challenge-solving sessions in your destinations

There is also an Online Learning Course which includes additional useful resources and best practices about technology and an Asana Template to import into your workspace a set of tasks to follow to structure your transformation.

Download all the resources of Exploration & Innovation on the right and start your DMO transformation now!

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