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Developing Content Perspectives for Travel

The travel and tourism industry has had to adjust much faster than other industries as digital, mobile and social has transformed consumer behavior and led to the emergence of the ‘always-connected’ traveler. Today’s consumer has gone from being online to living online, and they now plan, book, experience and share travel across multiple platforms and devices.

Travel brands are realising that today’s connected vacationers no longer have purely transactional relationships with them. Instead, brands need to develop ongoing engagement across multiple digital channels that are punctuated with real-world transactions.

With the advent of storytelling, we encourage businesses to think about how the importance of perspectives in showing different angles on product, business or destination can actually strengthen the overall marketing activities.

Successful case study examples including British Airways, KLM and other businesses within tourism show that a very clever idea gets people talking, integrating offline advertising with online marketing, and encouraging people to share via a common hashtag to generate additional promotion via social media too. These businesses really understand their audience, make high-quality consumer-led content and develop content perspectives in view of supporting their overall business goals.

What Will We Cover?

  • Defining Content Perspectives for Travel Brands
  • Use of Professional and User-Generated Content
  • Best Practice Examples and Destination Case Studies
  • Planning Content Perspectives and Selecting Appropriate Platforms


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