Digital Natives: Mobile

March 14, 2015

Differentiation in Mobile

Did you know that Millennials will soon represent 50% of all travellers? The decisions of so-called 'Digital Natives' are shaped and influenced by their unprecedented relationship with smartphones and as a travel brand you need to not only understand the importance of engaging customers through mobile but also the impact of not.

In this first-of-a-kind focus group, we gathered groups of international tourists to conduct a series of exercises on two famous London landmarks; the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and the Victoria and Albert Museum. The results were quite astounding and certainly make interesting reading for just about any business. In this report, we demonstrate the impact of both mobile and non-mobile optimised sites on young travellers and also highlight how a good or poor mobile user experience can affect your entire brand perception.

The report covers:

- Digital Natives and Mobile Trends

- Methodology

- Perceptions towards attractions

- Ratings for V&A Websites

- Ratings for Olympic Park Websites

- Change in perception for V&A Museum

- Change in perception for Olympic Park

- Recommendations

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