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#DTTTGlobal | Switzerland Tourism Transforming the DMO Website through Data & AI

January 15, 2020

Switzerland Tourism recently launched its brand new website and it’s a really fantastic example of a destination website that has been thoughtfully crafted around market behaviour and the user journey to create something different and completely immersive. If you haven't seen it already, take a look. Markus Dittli, Head of Digital Platform & Project Management, headed up this project and joined us to discuss the learnings and challenges of the process.

The presentation focused on 3 parts, focusing on inspiration to make it truly immersive, listening to guests to build its digital services and personalisation.

Key takeaways

  • A project of this nature is a work in progress. It will require constant optimisation and testing, and be aware of limitations
  • Look into newer technologies such as VR and AR to create an experience for your users when they visit the website, that really connects them to the destination.
  • Be sure to make the website accessible to everyone.
  • Machine Learning helps but it can't do everything.
  • Consider the layout for different devices and make sure to use only very high-quality content.
  • Structure your company and data first before implementing personalisation.

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