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Mastering Your Instagram Strategy

Instagram has more than 300 million monthly active users, so the fact that more and more businesses are now able to reach users through advertising, it is understandable why this is a big deal. According to Forrester research, users on Instagram are far more likely to engage with brand posts than Facebook (58 times higher engagement) and Twitter (120 times higher).

So do you have your Instagram strategy ready? Instagram, as a channel, began as a niche platform and has now become a global mass marketing platform. From awareness raising, message association to website visits, and, offline sales — businesses need to master their Instagram strategy to achieve any of these goals. To make this easier, Instagram's ad formats evolve to serve all these goals.

With Instagram, businesses do not necessarily need to think about the platform as yet another advertising platform, but how more innovative approaches to producing and presenting content can add value to businesses overall digital footprint.

Instawalks and Insta Takeovers are only two examples of creative ideas that are now increasingly popular in view of showing a brand or business from a multitude of perspectives. People from all over the world are using the channel to share their experiences, perspectives and there is much that can be learnt from some of the most influential Instagrammers worldwide.

If your business is struggling to master an Instagram strategy, and how Instagram, as part of your marketing mix, can help you achieve your business goals, then this breakfast discussion is certainly worth attending.

  • Is advertising on Instagram the right thing for you?
  • What are the pros and cons of Instagram?
  • These and more questions will be addressed during the Digital Breakfast!


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