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Repositioning Adventure Tourism in Visit Jordan with travel audience

December 19, 2019

travel audience, an Amadeus company, is a travel advertising platform, specialised in working with destinations, OTAs,  airlines and travel companies to provide a data-driven, end to end solution for coordinating marketing efforts to achieve the maximum end result.

In 2019, Visit Jordan partnered with Travel Audience with the aim to create awareness of Jordan as a destination, engage with new audiences and of course, to ultimately attract more visitors to Jordan. Working together with Travel Audience, Visit Jordan had two clear objectives for the campaign;

1. To promote Jordan as an adventure destination

2. To change existing perceptions of Jordan

Adventure Tourism

There is no definitive definition for adventure tourism, also known as adventure travel, as it could have different meanings to different people. Travel is an adventure! That said, it is also a niche form of tourism which involves exploration, discovery, and more often than not, getting off the beaten track in one way or another. The Adventure Travel Trade Association defines adventure tourism as a trip that includes at least two of the following three elements: physical activity, natural environment and cultural immersion. As such, this niche audience demonstrates particular characteristics and desires when it comes to travelling.

The DMO had to ensure everything was in place for this audience, service providers, sites, guidelines, structures etc. travel audience then helped Visit Jordan to understand their adventure travel audience through data, in order to target and attract them effectively.

Changing perceptions

Another key challenge was how to promote Jordan as a safe destination due to negative associations connected with the destination. In addition to that, historically, Visit Jordan promoted a particular image, focusing on the most well-known attractions and sites to visit such as Petra, Wadi Rum, desert and camels.

Adventure tourism is a great way to break the stereotype and attract a new market, showing a different side of Jordan, promoting its culinary offer, biodiversity and ethnic diversity. For this, it was important to promote a different image to the existing image that was communicated by Visit Jordan and create a completely separate brand from Jordan in the minds of visitors.

The Campaign with travel audience

Visit Jordan developed a range of new photography to represent another side of Jordan and to challenge the stereotypical desert image. With this high-quality visual content provided by Visit Jordan, Travel Audience helped create a campaign that was focused on adventure travel, distributed through premium travel display and video.

The Campaign

The campaigns were divided into 5 parts to promote the key adventure activities in Jordan; Cycling, Diving, Canyoning, Hiking and Petra. This is effective in reaching specific audiences within the adventure tourism space, and the results below demonstrate there was an average CTR (click-through-rate) of more than 1% which is above the average benchmark. 

The campaign was targeted in the key markets; UK, France and Germany with the aim to bring more traffic to existing markets, and redevelop touchpoints in less active markets. In this case, awareness campaigns are appropriate to build the image adventure side of Jordan in visitors minds.

Data findings

The campaign gathered a lot of data insights which will be highly useful in shaping future projects with Visit Jordan. Most importantly, it identifies really valuable insights like how the different markets were responding to the activities. For example, the German market demonstrated the best reaction to diving campaigns whereas the UK market was more responsive to hiking.

The platform can also identify key insights such as visitor booking lead times and visitors by month of departure. For instance, German and British visitors have a similar booking pattern - 30% of visitors from both markets booked their trips last minute - just a week before departure whereas only 9% of visitors from France booked their trips last minute (1-7 days before the trip).

This is really useful information as it helps to determine and shape future campaigns, ensuring campaigns are targeted at the right time and during the relevant window for each market. 

Furthermore, before the campaign started, travel audience was able to identify audiences that interacted with destinations that would be similar to Jordan in the minds of visitors. With these data insights, they were able to target travelers with the intention to travel to similar destinations based on location and activities.


Such useful data is really invaluable when it comes to repositioning a destination as it is crucial to understand the target audience to reach them in the most effective way. With clear data insights, together with partner insights, travel audience effectively developed campaigns to target Jordan’s key markets and position the destination as an adventure travel destination, in addition to reaching new audiences with the intention to travel that may not have considered Jordan as a destination prior to this.

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