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#DTTTGlobal | Tourism Ireland on using Machine Learning & AI in Digital

January 15, 2020

Recent developments in AI and Machine Learning show us where technology is heading at both consumer and enterprise level. For our visitors, ML is now possible with the latest smartphone chips able to process vast amounts of data in real-time, yet further transforming technology-enabled experiences.

At an enterprise level, the same technology is changing the very processes which have defined our 'traditional' approach to digital as brands. This is the case both at a productivity level, shifting how we work day-to-day but also when we look at what's possible and our role as destinations.

Key takeaways

  • Exponential technology growth is with us. 
  • Machine intelligence is fundamental to Tourism Ireland's marketing future, everything else layers on top of that.
  • In order to meet consumer expectations, strategies need to incorporate machine learning, making marketing more personal.
  • The focus is being consumer-centric and understanding everything you do in the customer journey and the meaning of each engagement. 

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