Building an always-on and reactive brand is of vital importance in a real-time driven world.

Becoming an always-on destination will allow you to: 

  • Take advantage of real-time situations
  • Get closer to consumers in a fast-paced social world
  • Connect with visitors and locals on an authentic level as moments unfold

Phase 1 - Discover & Audit

  • What human, technical and financial resources are there
  • Sign-off process, hierarchies and responsibilities
  • Current content planning, scheduling and responding
  • Organisational aims with always-on
  • Summary of relevant content areas on social
  • The always-on sweet spot

Deliverable 1 - Planned Realtime Tools

Your planned always-on toolkit:
  • Summary of the areas of interest
  • Global events examples
  • Local events examples
  • Destination-specific examples
  • How to use each social channel
Always-on planned real-time checklist with:
  • Event summary
  • Channel summary
  • What can be planned/created in advance
  • All possible outcomes brainstorm
  • How will it be promoted
  • Sign-off process

Deliverable 2 - Reactive Realtime

Your reactive always-on toolkit - Mural with:
  • Your remit - what do you react to, what do you not react to
  • Which channels/content do you react with?
  • Process and roles for monitoring, creation, sign-off and publication
Jessica riches

Jessica Riches

Content & Engagement Strategist

Jessica Riches is an award-winning social media, content and engagement specialist. Before starting to work as a #DTTT Expert, she worked with a variety of clients including Toshiba, Universal Pictures, the Nike Foundation, Marks & Spencer, the Tower of London, the Green Party and Pottermore. She works creating strategies, delivering training and managing communities.

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