ATM – Speakers Monday

Dominique Audibert


With a background in the building and marketing of new brands, Dominique Audibert joined Whalar just before its launch in February 2016. She now sits on the commercial team, heading up new business in the Travel and Alcohol sectors.

Sai Mansano

Content Creator

Sai began her career as a brand-building expert, before moving to Dubai and becoming a full-time fashion, travel and lifestyle content creator. With a distinctive creative style, Sai works with brands from all over the world, creating imaginative lifestyle content for their digital channels.

Saufeeya Goodson

Fashion Blogger

Half Moroccan, half American Saufeeya champions modest, modern fashion. At just 24 she has worked with an array of established brands in fashion and travel, including Tourism Thailand and Vogue. She splits her time between Dubai and London.

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