The Digital Tourism Think Tank is the world’s leading platform promoting thought leadership in digital and DMO transformation. Connecting hundreds of destinations throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa, we create platforms for knowledge transfer, exchange of best practice and expert leadership in destination marketing.

Through the #DTTT Expert Team, we consult a wide range of destinations and industry organisations on everything from content strategy and influencer marketing to leadership and collaborative workplaces. We take an expert-led approach with a top-heavy team of experienced consultants with career proven backgrounds in turning around successful teams and strategies each with impressive accolades to their name.

Our drive is to provide tourism clients with exceptionally talented people able to take a step back to identify solutions that provide hands-on support through to implementation.


Benefits of working as a #DTTT Expert:

    The #DTTT provides you with a comprehensive marketing programme designed to get you known and your name out there. Uniquely designed to showcase your work and build your reputation in the industry.


    Every year, we connect more than 2,000 leaders from hundreds of destinations worldwide. The #DTTT is the choice of preference for digital and tourism leaders wanting to connect and engage on current and future trends.


    We were established more than ten years ago as a boutique consulting firm specialising in digital trends and tourism. Since launching the Digital Tourism Think Tank in 2012, we’ve earned a reputation as the thought leaders in this field throughout EMEA.


  • #DTTT Launchpad
    The #DTTT Launchpad is an invaluable resource available to you as a #DTTT Expert, which provides you with unprecedented insight into the DMO world. In addition, it’s also available to selected clients.


    Exchange knowledge with other #DTTT Experts, share tips and findings online and get sound advice from the face-to-face meet-ups throughout Europe. We’re building a community of the best people in tourism, be part of making it stronger.


    We take care of all the admin involved in running a business so you can focus on growing your reputation as a leading consultant. Everything from billing and invoicing to client servicing and fulfilment is handled by the #DTTT.

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