Becoming a partner

Becoming a partner of The Digital Tourism Think Tank

Becoming a partner of the Digital Tourism Think Tank offers the unique opportunity to be part of the leading knowledge hub for digital best practice in tourism. A number of different partnership levels and categories are offered, with exclusive tailoring offered for category partners.

A summary of these levels is provided below:

  Lead Partner Industry Partner Academic Partner Knowledge Partner Tech Partner Communications Partner Activity Specific
Main Web Platform  Prime  Prominent  Prominent  Prominent  Prominent  Bespoke  Limited
Events & Workshops  Prime  Prominent  Prominent  Bespoke  Bespoke  Bespoke  Limited
Digital Brand Index  Prime  Bespoke  Prominent  Prominent  Prominent  Prominent  Limited
Research & Best Practice  Prime  Bespoke  Prominent  Bespoke  Bespoke  Prominent  Limited
  • Prime - Exclusive lead partner of the Digital Tourism Think Tank, prominently placed ‘in partnership with’ alongside the Digital Tourism Think Tank logo in all activities and communication.
  • Bespoke - Partner receives custom integration of their corporate or association’s brand and the ability to contribute additional material or further customise look and feel for their customers or members.
  • Prominent - Featured on all material and activities of the Digital Tourism Think Tank, including logo and reference or link to references giving more information about the partner and its services.
  • Limited - Partner visibility is limited to specific activities where partnership opportunities are offered such as sponsorship of an event or workshop.


As one of only a select number of partners, you will be prominently associated with Digital Tourism Think Tank, helping to build or reaffirm your position in the tourism industry and develop authoritative relationships with key DMO decision makers. Through the various activities provided, you will have both brand visibility and the opportunity to engage directly with DMOs throughout the year.

Here are just a few of the benefits of becoming a partner:

  • Exclusive tourism industry positioning
  • Brand visibility and strengthening of corporate profile
  • Face to face and online contact with key decision makers Authority and leadership on industry best practice
  • Relevant linkage between your products and services and the tourism industry


We would also like to speak with you If you are interested in sponsoring specific content or activities, as opposed to becoming a long-term strategic partner of the Digital Tourism Think Tank. If you would like to see your brand appear in front of leading tourism industry decision makers, we can work with you to develop creative solutions, such as brand inclusion in video specific content, sponsorship of industry reports, workshops, events and much more.


If you would like to talk to us about becoming a partner of the Digital Tourism Think Tank, don’t hesitate to get in touch to see what we can do for you. As our partnership levels are category specific, exclusive and limited in number, we work closely with partners to ensure the best integration of their brand, products and services as well as on the overall evolution of the Digital Tourism Think Tank.

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