Brand Review

Brand is an integral part of how potential customers view you and often after an initial branding or re-brand it can get left to grow ineffective and tired looking. Sometimes even newly designed brands need a little help when they first launch to make sure they're communicating your organisation in a consistent way visually.
This custom build remote design service has been developed by #DTTT Expert Emma and will help you to fully assess how well your brand aligns with your brand values and their suitability for a digital environment.

Brand Review

Effectiveness of values and ethos of the organisation

Brand strength against competitor and peer brand assets

Suitability of brand in digital

Cohesiveness of brand image over various touchpoints


Brand Work & Retouch

Based on the outcomes of the design review, we will make a judgement with you on how best to meet the recommendations. This will fall into one of the following activities:

Full Rebrand

Starting from scratch we'll create a strong brand and all the associated assets (mentioned in the brand review) to make sure your visual identity is performing at its best.

Partial Brand Re-Work

Starting with your current assets, we'll adapt and tweak them to make sure your brand is cohesive and impactful. The outcome would be a new set of assets.

Brand Guidelines

Guidelines are an important tool in both providing structure to brand usage and helping its onward evolution. These can be created for you based on your existing brand, a re-brand or a re-worked brand.
The guidelines will document how and when to use all of the elements that make up the brand.

Emma Lawton

Creative & Digital Strategist

Emma is a Creative Director with a background in design for brand, print and digital combined with a strategic mind that can see the bigger picture. She enjoys flexing the boundaries of a project and experimenting with fledgeling technology, leading her to create forward thinking concepts for clients in a variety of sectors. She is fascinated by the future of digital and the development of brand as part of this.

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