What are #DTTT Circles?

Circles is a real-time, open discussion hosted by #DTTT Experts that brings together content creators from all over the world to share their passion for digital marketing.

 #DTTT Members can join us through our online conference room to openly talk, share and challenge the important topics that affect our campaigns. We’re an exclusive community, looking to make and embrace change through sharing our own first-hand experiences.

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Step 1. Register

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Step 2. Join

Click the link on your calendar invite and connect to Zoom.

Step 3. Engage

Once the Circle has started you’ll be with other like-minded experts ready to participate.

Upcoming circle meet-ups

Remote Meet-up + Mural 
15th November 2019 - 16:00 CET / 15:00 GMT

We strongly believe that having signature experiences and brand ambassadors is key to promoting a destination in one of the most authentic ways.

Who are the local people that can best represent your brand? What experiences could be considered a real taste and true representation of your destination?

In this Circle, we will guide you to finding the answers to these questions, showing some of the latest and greatest examples of signature experiences, and how these DMOs took advantage of local ambassadors to promote their destination from a totally unique point of view.

Remote Meet-up + Mural 
13th December 2019 - 16:00 CET / 15:00 GMT

We covered a lot of ground in this year's #DTTTGlobal from sustainability to innovation to the future of travel.

We posed these questions to the DMO community and gathered a common consensus on the answers:

Being a smart destination - does smart go beyond technology?
Can digitalisation drive DMO collaboration?
How can DMOs shape visitor flows and experiences?
What role does innovation play for today's destinations?

In the conclusive Circle of 2019, we will round-up the hot topics that stayed with everyone in 2019 and we will discuss the answers to these important questions and open the debate for the questions to pose in 2020.

Ways of interacting with Circles

In order to make these discussions as engaging and interactive as possible, we use the following tools to help things run smoothly.



Join the online conference room via the link in your invitation and we’ll see you there. You’ll need a webcam and a microphone, but if you don’t have them that’s not an issue as there’s a chat option as well.



We think the best way to interact is by using our whiteboard, Mural. We’ll include the Circle outline before the call, with introductions to fellow experts and we’ll also have places for you to include your own thoughts and ideas. The best bit – we’ll share it with you afterwards for your own reference.

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