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Whether you've been in a DMO for twenty years or you're newly joined, if you've got a passion for digital and would love to share your first-hand experiences with others in the community, there's a circle for you.

How are you using instagram as a part of your content plan?

What's your strategy for instagram? We're all using it but everybody takes a different approach. This is part of our Content Circle and will bring together social and content leads to share their experiences of trying different techniques on instagram and sharing experiences about what has and what hasn't worked for them over the years.

Discussing the future of the DMO website

A debate that has been circulating for the last five years at least, what is the future of the DMO website? Does it still hold relevance in today's omni-channel digital visitor funnel? If the consensus is yes, what do we know about the current trends in this space and how do we see the future destination website playing a role in the overall digital mix? These questions and more will be debated as part of the Future Trends Circle.

How are you reporting for success on social media Content?

Teams that have great results on social relentlessly monitor the performance of their content and look at what engages best with their followers. This topic is being posted as part of Content Circle. We'd love to know what's driving success for you and how you're monitoring, tracking and sharing the results of your social performance metrics.

Current state of data driven marketing

It's 2018 and GDPR comes into play. It has truly been a game changer for marketing as we've known it for the past ten years with visitor trust and their explicit permission to be part of your brand's conversation taking precedent. How is this impacting our digital strategies? How have teams had to rethink and re-adapt how user data is retained, tracked, and used in the marketing funnel? This circle is part of the Future Trends Circle and take a macro look at how recent changes are expected to reset data marketing as we know it.

How to build digital skills amongst your industry

We know that to really deliver a competitive brand we require our industry to be on top of their game when it comes to digital, just as much as we aim to be ourselves. So what's the right approach to supporting industry in developing their own skills set? We're hosting a roundtable exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience on this topic as part of our DxO Experience Circle, hearing from destinations working closely with to engage and support industry about their first hand experiences.

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