#DTTTGlobal is just around the corner and we are super excited to be travelling to Finland with a host of really great speakers from our host city and across the globe, bringing different perspectives from a range of DMOs and industry partners. #DTTTGlobal aims to challenge, share and inspire, discussing where the travel industry finds itself today, where it’s headed and what is needed for DMOs to achieve success in the future. 


We also explore the complicated landscape of sustainability, learning from experiences and finding inspiration in the challenges and successes of DMOs and industry experts. 


With this in mind, it really matters to us to show our commitment to sustainability in everything we do, especially through our events. While we know there are of course challenges when travel is involved, here are a few ways we are ensuring #DTTTGlobal 2019 is as sustainable as possible.


The city of Helsinki aims to be the most functional city in the world and is committed to offering more sustainable lifestyles for each and every resident. The goal is to do everything a little better, responsibly and sustainably all the time – as well as to be carbon neutral by 2035. This is one of the many reasons we are proud to present Helsinki & Espoo as our host city for #DTTTGlobal.


Together with Helsinki Marketing and Espoo Marketing, #DTTTGlobal will be as sustainable as possible.   



The venue is easily accessible by public transport. We suggest everyone to use public transport when arriving to Dipoli. We offer free public transport for 3 days for all participants, this is also the way we suggest people to use public transport during the whole visit in Helsinki and Espoo.



Catering throughout the event will be 80% locally sourced, organic food and vegetarian and fish food only.

100% tap water served so don’t forget your refillable bottles!

Organic coffee and tea.

Plastic free - only china tableware.

Minimal food waste - No more than 10% of food wasted. All reusable/leftover food to be distributed to a local students restaurant.

Energy & Resources


Recycling rate almost 100%, small amount waste-to-energy.

100% renewable energy used, LED lamps in Dipoli minimises energy consumption.

Eco-friendly cleaning materials used in Dipoli.

Water consumption minimised in Dipoli.

Digital signage used.

Reusable event badges - next time you join us, don’t forget your badge. 

Seeded pencils - once your pencil is nearly finished, you will find some seeds in place of an eraser. Plant it and watch your herbs, flowers or vegetables come to life.

What ways do you ensure you are able to be as sustainable as possible when travelling? 

Helsinki & Espoo Commitment

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