Content Optimisation Audit

A content optimisation audit is designed to help DMOs maximise their budgets and target the right audiences online with effective content marketing.
This service looks at how your content is performing across all your digital assets and is designed to help you focus your content around key content pillars and a strategy to guide future content planning.

The Auditing Process

The auditing process takes a look at your primary digital assets and looks at how your content is performing and optimising for different audiences engaged.


  • Destination website
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Social streams
  • App or other digital channels


  • Clear content mission
  • Key Content Tentpoles per target audience
  • Audit summaries & optimisation advice
  • Content strategy

Remote Design Approach

Initial Auditing

Starting off with a discovery call, we then go on to setup your remote design canvas and pre-populate it with some ideas based on initial research before inviting you to join and collaborate.

Remote Collaboration

Working together, we continue the process in a remote collaborative environment to explore opportunities to better engage audiences across your channels. We'll look at each social channel one by one and spend time looking at how content lives on your main destination website.

Tentpoles & Optimisation

Following the remote sessions, a final canvas containing recommendations and tentpoles will be developed, bringing together the insight gathered in earlier sessions and some expert ideation on how to structure content production and optimisation around the biggest opportunities. This is followed by a review call with you and your team.

Talia circle

Talia Salem

Content Strategy & Industry Partnerships

Talia has over 10 years of experience in tourism, social media marketing and content strategy. Prior to consulting, she worked as Manager of Social and Content for Brand USA, the USA’s public-private partnership dedicated to increasing international visitation to the United States. Talia oversaw the development of Brand USA’s content strategy and the launch of, the USA’s official new consumer travel websites in 15 markets including visuals and content strategy. She also oversaw global social media and content campaigns in 15 markets in 8 languages.

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