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#DTTT Research has shown us that storytelling has become the central focus of most DMOs with prioritisation of content creation and building a strong creative framework being the biggest priorities facing teams today.
Working together with #DTTT Expert Talia, we've developed a remote service, which helps DMOs develop their own core stories framework. This framework communicates key brand strengths and focuses tone and messaging around the needs and interests of target audiences.

Defining Core Stories

Through remote sessions, you and your team will look to define core stories based on your current brand guidelines, digital strategy and of course proprietary research which you've used to guide your decisions thus far.

We'll design a benchmark known as a 'competitive set,' which helps you and your team evaluate how your destination compares to others and what key messaging points might help to differentiate them.

Building from the initial research and the benchmarking exercise, we'll then work on developing key messaging strands, matching the story opportunities to your various target markets.


Remote Design Method

This workshop comprises several remote sessions, which help you to evaluate, benchmark and define your own core stories framework that will serve as the foundation for your communication. You'll be working with Talia as part of your extended team and she will guide you through the process, probe the right questions and work with you on story ideation; helping you to visualise a core story framework.

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Talia Salem

Content Strategy & Industry Partnerships

Talia has over 10 years of experience in tourism, social media marketing and content strategy. Prior to consulting, she worked as Manager of Social and Content for Brand USA, the USA’s public-private partnership dedicated to increasing international visitation to the United States. Talia oversaw the development of Brand USA’s content strategy and the launch of, the USA’s official new consumer travel websites in 15 markets including visuals and content strategy. She also oversaw global social media and content campaigns in 15 markets in 8 languages.

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