At the #DTTT we are fully committed to supporting the industry through the COVID-19 crisis.


To strengthen this effort, we have prepared a set of actions and resource material which we hope you will find useful in the current climate.


We want to share situations, experiences, responses, data, and all our expertise with the community. We want to add value and bring benefit to the whole industry as we work through this together.

Connect with our Tourism Response Team

We are building a Tourism Response Team to support DMOs and their industry to get through this period and come back fighting. This team is ready to go and includes a mix of crisis experts through to product, business and brand experts.

Listen to our Weekly Impact Calls

Every Tuesday at 14:00 GMT / 15:00 CET, we will hold a weekly 30 minute 'Tourism Impact Call' to give the lay of the land in terms of what's happening and how the industry is responding.
Open to all, any perspectives welcome.

Listen to Previous Tourism Impact Calls on our Weekly Podcast

Share with the Community

We have created a free online community, open for all to join whether you're a DMO, Tour Operators, Independent Consultant, Agency or SME.
Share your story and how it's impacting you, launch an idea, run a poll.
As a global community, we are stronger united.

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