🤳🏽 Workshop Overview 🤳🏽

360 Content is a hugely powerful medium for storytelling but creating effective, powerful and engaging VR content isn't quite as easy. We've seen lots of great examples of good 360 content since it came on the scene a number of year's back and now we're starting to see some amazing VR films too.
Daniel Bury has had his 360 films featured at Cannes and is one of the youngest up and coming filmmakers in the world of VR FIlmmakking. He will lead a hands-on workshop working with a team of DMOs to explore how 360 content can really deliver great results, leading the storytelling approach starting with ultra-immersive right up to thumb-stopping social.

All you need to know for this workshop 📌

Storyboarding different ideas on how to work with VR content, right through to going out and shooting it in the workshop, the interactive session will look at the following. With this perspective, participants will then go out and create their own premium experience as part of the workshop, taking it from strategic concepts to a fully mapped-out concept ready to take to market.

Who is it for? 🙋‍♀️


 🎥 Content Creators

 🌈 VR Enthusiasts

  ⛰ Digital Strategists


Your Agenda 🗓

  14:00 - 14:30: Introduction & inspirations

  14:30 - 15:30: Ideation process

  15:30 - 15:45: Coffee Break

  15:45 - 16:45: Prototype

  16:45 - 17:30: Pitch and debrief

Recommended materials 📝

  💻 Your computer





Workshop Outcomes

Sensory Discovery

The format/ Consumption

How to create narrative versus gimmick

What's it going to look like on YouTube

Identifying the stories

How do people without headsets experience it

How voiceover/ multi-sensory elements can be powerful/ how to truly immerse

How multi-purpose

How do we bring awareness to the people in the places and prioritise viewer experience over brand needs

Vertical video

Workshop hosted by


Our Expert

Daniel Bury, Director VR/AR Film

Daniel Bury is a writer and director specializing in emerging technology. His virtual reality work has been reviewed in Cannes Film Festival  by Screen Anarchy as "impressive... both remarkable cinematography, and a subtly moving story." Daniel pioneers storytelling in innovative new mediums such as virtual reality, augmented reality and interactive content, in addition to traditional film.

He began his exploration with VR and XR in 2015 at Rapid Films in Sydney, Australia while working on branded VR experiences for Samsung, Oculus and Lexus. He is the creator and director of six VR documentaries for CHASING THE WORLD, an educational, first-of-its-kind virtual reality documentary series in Myanmar, Nepal, the Philippines, Peru, Brazil and Morocco. He is a first place winner of the Google XR Jam for his team's volumetric VR experience Appease the Gods.

As a public speaker, he has given presentations and panels around the world, including immersive storytelling panels at Cannes Film Festival. His traditional films have won awards at countless film festivals, such as Phoenix Film Festival, Fantastic Planet Film Festival and ITVFest. He graduated from Chapman University in Southern California for directing and digital arts and was a recipient of the Talent Scholarship.

Daniel's journey around the world had a profound impact on his worldview, and his work is imbued with spiritual and metaphysical themes. Daniel's work both captivates and educates. He believes in responsible use of immersive technology with the intention to bring people together and enrich viewers with a greater appreciation and deeper understanding of the real world.

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