🗓 Workshop Overview 🗓

Collaboration is at the heart of maximising a destination as much as possible but it isn't always as simple as that. Together with our #DTTT Expert Jessica, this workshop will be focus on how to design an industry development programme, including the different elements needed to unify your destination and optimise the customer journey.

With hands-on ideation and planning of co-creation events, knowledge sharing and developing concepts on how to support SMEs in your region. We'll talk through our own first hand experience of designing an Industry Development Programme, hear from guest DMOs who have designed their own programmes for industry and discuss successes and challenges in trying to tackle digitalisation of the tourism sector.
In this workshop, you will also hear from Vancouver Island about how they have worked with industry, and from CrowdRiff on how social can then connect everything.

All you need to know for this workshop 📌

Looking beyond this, we'll look at how industry can be a real part of the destination's brand voice and brand footprint, by developing a social content framework to support your content initiatives.

Who is it for? 🙋‍♀️


  ✏️ Research & Intelligence Teams

🏔 Destination Management & Development Teams

  ✍️ Business & Industry Partnership Teams

Your Agenda 🗓

  14:00 - 14:30: Introduction & inspirations

  14:30 - 15:30: Ideation process

  15:30 - 15:45: Coffee Break

  15:45 - 16:45: Prototype

  16:45 - 17:30: Pitch and debrief

Recommended materials 📝

  💻 Your computer





Workshop Outcomes

Shared experiences on Industry Development

Group ideation on value creation for IndustryDevelopment Programmes

Group ideation on value creation for Industry

Our Expert

Jessica Riches, #DTTT

Jessica Riches is an award-winning social media, content and engagement specialist. She moved into a digital agency, before starting to work as a freelancer and #DTTT Expert. She works creating strategies, delivering training and managing communities.

Hannah Smith, Vancouver Island

Hannah is a digital enthusiast and wordsmith, skills she puts to use as Director of Digital Strategy at Tourism Vancouver Island. Hannah and her team work closely with industry to increase their digital readiness, to consult on campaign strategy, and to create content partnerships.

Mark Mezzapelli, CrowdRiff

Mark Mezzapelli is the VP of Business and Partnerships at CrowdRiff, leading a team responsible for new revenue growth and strategic industry partnerships.

The Venue 

This workshop will take place at VisitOSLO's office.

👫 Your Buddies 👫

If you are feeling slightly nervous or you are coming to the event alone and you're worried about where you need to be and how to get there, grab a buddy! Our buddies from the #DTTTT and VisitOSLO team will be there to guide you through everything you need to know, where you need to be and also be a helping hand during the workshop. Everything is better with a buddy!



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