Destination Product & Experience

With this destination product and experience audit, your organisation will understand the relationship between your existing products, experiences and the value these bring to visitors.

Prior to the audit, we will ask you to identify your top must-see attractions/ places and things to do within your destination. This will help to narrow the analysis to the most important products and experiences, giving you some concrete recommendations on how to deliver a strong, engaging brand promise that is in line with your overall destination and place branding strategy.

Having this information will also be useful for businesses in your destination, guiding them on what experiences you want to deliver as part of the overall destination visitor experience. The brand promise as such will also guide any future decisions regarding new products and services and will help you in the process of delivering a visitor experience that lives up to visitor expectations.


Phase 1: Product & Experience Audit

The audit helps DMOs connect their strategy to the most important attractions and places that form part of their brand, it evaluates how the core values transcend, the intended audiences and the building blocks needed.

Analysis focuses on existing destination product, the visitor experience and the overall place and brand strategy of the destination.


Phase 2: Remote Experience Workshop

A remote workshop is held to support co-creation and collaboration between the DMO and key partners. A series of custom-built templates encourage participants to explore the brand promise from four perspectives; values resonating with loyal visitors, the offer in place, what success looks like and how the personality of the brand transcends.


Phase 3: Concept, Product & Service Ideation

This ideation session happens remotely and helps to identify a portfolio of products and services for the destination which stand out. The session also helps to work with team members and partners to set a product development roadmap in line with the destination's brand promise along with communication recommendations to support.

stefan pattersson

Stefan Pettersson

Product & Experience

As an executive brand strategist and concept developer for the travel industry, Stefan Pettersson has offered his knowledge and skills to several entrepreneurs. Stefan also works as a supervisor for independent, small and middle sized business owners, he has taught entrepreneurs strategic marketing, market communication, sales and concept development. Having worked as a marketing director for the city of Uppsala, Stefan was in charge of the city's brand communication, marketing strategies and project management. 

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