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We're back for another year of amazing keynote speakers and talks from industry around the world sharing their insights in digital. Join us for two exciting days of inspiration, innovation and networking and be part of the tourism industry's most important gathering of future thinkers.

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Dan Rosenbaum, San Francisco Travel

'The biggest challenge is understanding the entire customer funnel and the journey they take from awareness, consideration, and conversion specifically to your digital ecosystem.'

Laura Aalto, Director, Helsinki Marketing

'We’ve been going through a major transformation process as a company from a traditional DMO to a city marketing company and there are a lot of do’s but also a lot of don’ts that I want to share with the audience.'

Nico Mulder, Amsterdam Marketing

'The challenge to maintain the balance between residents, visitors and businesses is still at the core of our strategy.'

Stine Selmer, Colourful Nuuk

'We work on transforming the destination through business development and digitalisation.'

Dave Cornthwaite, SayYesMore

'The biggest challenge for organisations today is balancing the bottom line with employee happiness, customer satisfaction, demands for sustainability, marketing authenticity and creating an ethical product.'

Jean-Philippe Favre, Geneva Tourism

'Gathering the data is often not the only challenge, knowing which data to ignore, and which data to keep, analyze and drive insights from, is often the bigger challenge!'

Jason Bent, Iles de la Madeleine

'We need to take control of content creation, get out of our office to capture what our destination has to offer and be more consistent.'

Amber King, Colorado Tourism Office

'The biggest challenge for my destination (Colorado) is finding the balance between increasing positive economic impact of tourism and mitigating environmental and cultural negative impacts of tourism.'

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This Year's Line-up

Jason Berman

Aaron Richman

Pooja Surani

Jody Farrar

Meryl Le Feuvre

Ted Sullivan

Agnete Sylvest Jensen

Jens Huwald

Debbie Johnson

Esra Calvert

Jason Bent

Brian Harte

Wendy Weijdema

Amber King

Nico Mulder

Stine Selmer Andersen

Dan Rosenbaum

Dave Cornthwaite

Dan Holowack

Luca Romozzi

Eva Kwiecinska

Laura Aalto

Jean-Philippe Favre

David Meany

Adam Caerlewy-Smith

Visit Jersey

Fieke Flier

Fabio Sacco

Luca D’Angelo

Alex Bainbridge

Ramona Wagner

Nicholas Hall

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