Over the course of an evening set amongst the stars, trees and serene beauty of Finland’s nature, be inspired by a game that’s designed to challenge the experts at their own game. Literally.

Six industry experts have been invited to challenge their own ideas, born out of their own bold strategies, manifestos, plans and statements.

The job of the changemakers (you) is to challenge them one step further, taking their definitions, problem statements, ideas and concepts and making passionate pitches to further shake-up thinking over a three-course dinner. This is not work (well it is) but rather a fun evening of games to get amazing ideas inspired by wine.

1. Meet Your Table

You’ll be competing against each other. Remember, play nice, but not too nice.
This isn’t a usual gathering, they’re not your teammates they’re your competitors

2. Each Course is a Riddle

Your mission is to eat your way through three riddles and
beat your fellow diners to find the best solutions to existential questions
(well, relatively speaking).

3. Make the Case

Pick a card. Read it aloud.
Flip the egg timer, then each diner pitches their idea.
Make them good as your pitching for points. Do it again, and again.

4. The Score Card

You vote for the winner, the winner with the most votes
wins the round. It’s really that simple.

5. The Bonus Round

For those of us who aren’t so good at games, the bonus round is your chance to shine.
Read the cards and match it to a destination.
Double your total score and win the game.

6. Final Round

Your table must come up with one bold idea.
In this round, you will not be competing against your fellow diners but the other tables.
Win this round and pop the bubbles.

Set in the picturesque Haltia nature centre, the Premier programme is designed to enrich your #DTTT Global experience.

The nature centre is located deep in the heart of Finland's Nuuksio National Park. You'll be completely immersed in the natural setting, surrounded by 55 km sq. of breathtaking scenery.

The centre itself is an architectural marvel. From it's location to the responsibly sourced materials, the building sets remarkably ambitious precedents representing important strides towards the sustainability focused goals.

An appetite for thought-provoking discussion and delicious food.

Date: Tuesday 3rd December 2019
Time: 19:00 - 21:00

Transportation will be arranged and meeting point communicated shortly.

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