Our workshops relates to five pertinent fields that DMOs will need to navigate in the imminent future, in order to optimise their performance.
The workshops cover content, experience, strategy, sustainability and technology

Content /

The theme of our Content workshop is ‘Niche Markets and Visual storytelling’.
This workshop will inform you on how to effectively communicate to the interests and needs of the uncharted generation Z. The workshop will show you how to utilise storytelling to cater to the elusive generation Z, whose influence on family travel is increasingly important. 

360 and 180 degree content is highly provocative and exciting - however, it can be highly difficult to navigate. The workshop will lead you through the process from ideation of the content to the creation of your prototype. We will demonstrate how you can intelligently frame your 360 and 180 degree content so that your content can be viewed across multiple social media platforms. The workshop will have specific sections which look into 180 degree and 360 degree cameras.

Experiences /

The Experience workshop will enlighten you on how to create a ‘Premium End to End Experience’. The workshop expresses a clear process on how to create a personalised experience for your customers, from the start to the end of their journey. The workshop will ensure you know that every step of the travel experience must be poignantly tailored to each specific customer, augmenting their overall experience.  
The workshop will elaborate on how you can augment your ‘Location Based Content’. More relevant information can now be issued to your visitors, depending on their location. The combined use of physical spaces and digital technologies will enable you to tell more sophisticated stories. Trails and tours will be transformed, as well as generic destination hygiene information. The workshop will show you how to create a revolutionary trail, utilising technologies, such as i-beacons.

Strategy /

Our Strategy workshop will aid you in ‘Designing an Industry Development Programme’.  The collaboration throughout your company will maximise the guest experience at your destination. This workshop will explain how you will achieve this unification, covering various development programmes and the process behind integrating digitisation into tourism.  
The workshop will empower you to re-evaluate how your destination is explored by your visitor. The workshop will elucidate how you can utilise your own visitors to understand their expectations, opportunities and challenges at your destination. Hence, you will be able to understand how to remodel your destination, specifically to the desires and needs of your customers.

Sustainability /

The Sustainability workshop demonstrates to DMOs how they can reduce their adverse effect on the environment, through ‘Micro Mobility and Car-free Cities’.  There has been a distinctive rise in companies who supply electric scooters and bikes. These new modes of transport not only provide effective and low-emission transport. This workshop will elaborate on the new opportunities for DMOs, which these new transports pose, such as trails and tours. 
The workshop will disclose how you can collaborate with local stakeholders in order to help reduce the impact of tourism on your destination. The main focus is to demonstrate how you can revolutionise your destination to become a sustainable place. The workshop will look at the perspective of the DMO but also the local stakeholders. Thus, the workshop relays the key steps and issues that arise when reforming your destination towards sustainability.

Technology /

Our technology workshop will cultivate your confidence in 'Designing AR and VR Destination Experiences', for your destination. In this workshop, we will show you how to embark on this intriguing technology. The workshop will distinguish how VR and AR can be used as a method of storytelling. The workshop will include how to intelligently frame the VR, in order to portray VR in traditional formats, such as social media, streaming platforms and cinema.

Gamification is a great way to engage your visitors and improve their guests' experience. This workshop will demonstrate how to skilfully navigate gamification, for your consumers. We will also discuss what you will be able to create on smartphone platforms as well as how to incorporate other technologies into the gamification such as AR and AI.   

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