Live Session 2: Apple Pay
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Apple Pay and Your Business

Apple has entered the mobile payments market by introducing Apple Pay. Research suggests that the number of mobile payment users will increase to 450 million by 2017. In addition, the value of purchases in the mobile payments market is estimated to be £432 billion in 2018.

Users need a simple, reliable and user-friendly solution that can meet their needs with no added cost. For this to be avoided, there must be a universal app that works anywhere and everywhere. Will Apply Pay achieve this?

Issues to be addressed

  • How secure is Apple Pay?
  • Will Apple Pay work in the UK?
  • Which retailers, banks and credit card providers support the service?
  • Near Field Communication technology
  • Apple Pay online
  • Apple Pay privacy
  • iBeacons can be used to enable instant purchasing both in-store and on the move


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