Tuesday 24 April 2018
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Tuesday 24th April

Tuesday's session will focus on the future of the DMO. With a critical view, great case studies and an expert opinion, we'll look into each of these and the implications for travel.


DxO: The Future of the Destination Brand

The future DMO is a DxO. Nick Hall will be sharing a vision on how Destination Marketing Organisations are having to shift their focus and truly redefine themselves, as the macro trends which dictate change start to have a profound impact on the entire visitor funnel.
Looking at how the top-of-funnel discovery process has been dramatically disrupted by an explosion of touchpoints, down to the huge importance of content from deep and immersive to short-form, native and distributed. We'll also look at how the gig economy is disrupting the fundamental ownership and distribution of product and also at how the visitor experience is about to be turned on its head as it becomes increasingly technology driven. If you're strategising for the future, this is a session you must attend.

The Speakers

Alaa Al-Hindi

Visit Jordan

Alaa Al-Hindi is currently the Director of Digital Marketing at the Jordan Tourism Board and has been working at the Jordan Tourism Board since 2011. His areas of expertise range from digital marketing, content marketing, social media, and project management.

Reza Saeedi


Reza is the Manager of Business Development at CrowdRiff, a technology company that provides a visual marketing platform for marketing teams at travel and tourism brands. Reza leads a team that helps travel brands make their marketing more visual and attract modern day travellers.

Vahid Jacob

Seychelles Tourism

Vahid Jacob has been working with the Seychelles Tourism Board since 2013, where he started as the E-Marketing Manager with the responsibility of setting up the E-marketing section. He was later promoted to Director of Digital Marketing in charge of developing the global Digital Marketing and e-commerce strategy for STB global which includes all 16 STB offices.

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