Arabian Travel Market 2020
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Automation in the Brand Experience
Monday 29th June 15:00

Automation is changing the world, not only the visitor experience. In this session we look at where automation is playing out in travel, reflecting on different experiences and views on how things will continue to evolve.
We've invited three different leaders in this field to share their experiences and their thoughts on this from different perspectives, the consumer brand experience, the creative team, and the targeting funnel.

Moderated by Nick Hall, Digital Tourism Think Tank

  • Mary Ames, Director of Strategy - Xisch√©
  • Paul Stephen, CEO - Sagittarius
  • Arnaud Valion, Global Sales Director - Travel Audience

Re-defining Saudi Arabia with Digital Content
Tuesday 30th June 15:00

Saudi Arabia is possibly the world's fastest emerging destination and one to watch for the years ahead. To see a destination opening up in a digital era means considering the digital evolution of its brand, alongside the material evolution of its product.

In this session, we'll be hearing from different perspectives on the emergence of Saudi Arabia on the world tourism map and learning precisely on the role of content in opening up the destination and shaping a new deeper understanding, awareness and appeal towards international travellers.

This panel reflects on hero, hub and hygiene content, as well as the opportunity for different players to feed into a common brand story for Saudia, from industry through to influencers.

Moderated by Nick Hall, Digital Tourism Think Tank

  • Mohammed Abdullah - Focus Advertising
  • Dominique Audibert - Whalar
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