Content Campaigns | Brand Collaborations & Industry Partnerships
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Content Campaigns | Brand Collaborations & Industry Partnerships

Workshop's leaders:

Talia Salem - Brand USA

Brian Twomey - Tourism Ireland
Anja Hartung Sfyrla - Vist Denmark
David Meany - Contiki

Long before content took centre stage, campaigning had been the norm for most destinations and travel brands primarily for lead generation and acquisition. During Day 1 of Content | Campus we'll hear from Contiki about how they've successfully built a content team within their organisation and how actively seeking collaborative partnerships forms a central part of their strategy. Building from this, we're taking partnership and collaboration into the workroom whereas a participant you'll hear from different perspectives about how to approach content campaigns and brand collaborations successfully.

Our DMO hosts will lead the workshop with a strong focus on commercial partnerships to get participants thinking about the key factors to consider when seeking and engaging with partners. How both partners are able to drive their individual objectives and see both creative, brand and commercial results at the end requires careful planning, strong strategic vision and commitment to plan thoroughly and see-through ideas.

In this workshop, you'll hear from a variety of perspectives on how to successfully collaborate for joint success. The workshop will look at:

  • Why content campaigns with partners makes sense
  • How to identify unusual, creative and brand strong partners
  • Mapping out concepts and ideas
  • Balancing creative and commercial objectives
  • Defining roles, strengths and a healthy workflow
  • Setting KPIs and measuring success
  • Financial and creative contributions
  • Film & television partnerships and opportunity

As a key outcome of the workshop, participants will be given time to develop their own ideas working on a set of given scenarios into a campaign concept which they'll pitch back for expert critique. This varied workshop looks at a range of perspectives, both commercial and creative with anecdotal contributions and critical insight on everything from partnerships with non-travel brands through to tapping into the opportunity of film & television and the possible pitfalls to consider.

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