Live Session 6: Crowdsourcing Content
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Crowdsourcing Content & Campaigns

In recent years, digital communication and content has experienced a dramatic shift away from content and communication being delivered solely by tourism businesses and professional agencies to including the end consumer in the marketing and communication process. Get your visitors to do the work for you is certainly in line with using digital and the power of social engagement. Crowdsourced content and campaigns have become increasingly popular in tourism, also driven by the fact that travellers do trust other travellers more with regards to reviews about the experience delivered by tourism businesses than the actual business itself providing this information. This makes it necessary for tourism marketers to respond this latest trend and accommodate to consumer and traveller needs.

This development has lead to tourism businesses worldwide working much closer with different ambassadors promoting their tourism offering though the provision of content. Initially many tourism businesses collaborated mainly with brand ambassadors, key influencers from different markets and bloggers on creating content for campaigns. In the last year however, this has moved on to tourism businesses starting crowdsourced campaigns involving travellers and consumers to submit content in the form of videos, images and experience driven content. In today's digital era, anybody can now be part of and contribute content to campaigns through the use of a range of digital tools and technologies opening up existing boundaries of marketing.

Undoubtedly, the development towards crowdsourced content and campaigns also poses problems for tourism businesses which need to be taken into consideration, especially with regards to taking into account the sustainability of crowdsourcing.

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