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Jordan's Digital Testimonials
Promoting Jordan as a Safe Destination

Jordan as a tourism destination is focusing on promoting its destination as safe for travellers to visit. With the help of user-generated content both through blogger testimonials but also traveller testimonials, the destination aims to increase its transparency when inspiring people to visit but also in reassuring them about the safety aspects. Showcasing the destination's safety is essential when marketing the destination internationally. Lina will give insights to Jordan's approach and also talk about the challenges it faces.

Lina Al-Adnani
Social Media & Communications Editor at Jordan Tourism Board

Jordan Tourism Board is constantly working on improving its online presence and digital marketing campaigns. This is where Lina Al-Adnani, JTB’s social media and communications editor comes in. The Jordan Tourism Board depends on Lina to maintain and run all of its social media platforms while at the same time, coming up with new ideas for our online campaigns and content. A graduate of Central St. Martin’s Applied Imagination in the Creative Industries masters program, Lina brings a fresh perspective and a brand new experience to the board’s team of professionals. Lina_Al-Adnan

Lana Tania Sheqem
Media & Communications Officer at Jordan Tourism Board

A new addition to the Jordan Tourism Board team, Lana Sheqem’s responsibilities range from managing the content on the main website and micro-sites to editing and creating all forms of media. With a background in writing, translation and photography, Lana uses her skills to update our digital databases and provide JTB with any content it may need. As the acting press liaison, Lana works on maintaining relationships with members of the media in order to share important information and ensuring the consistency of Jordan’s brand.  LANA _TANIA_SHEQEM


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