Day 2 - Business Workshops
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Day 2 - Business Workshops

TripAdvisor Business Workshop

09:00 - 10:00

As the world's number one travel site, the influence of TripAdvisor cannot be ignored. Through this 'maximising the value' session, participants will learn about the range of free tools available to businesses to help them tap into the world's largest travel community and create brand awareness where is matters most. The TripAdvisor workshop will provide a 'hands on' walk through of tools as well as a number of inspiring case studies, showcasing some of the best performing and most innovative steps that businesses have taken to maximise the value of TripAdvisor.
Session delivered by:
Tim Schofield, DMO Senior Sales Executive at TripAdvisor

Mobile Strategy for Business

10:00 - 11:00

The evolution of mobile has taken the travel industry by storm as everybody, small and large, is now trying to make waves in the lucrative mobile visitor space. However, only a handful are really getting it right. This workshop is designed for industry members who want to engage the mobile visitor, both small and large. The session will run through every aspect to consider in your digital strategy, from leading best practices to pitfalls to watch out for. The Mobile workshop is also designed to inspire small businesses to embrace the mobile space and learn about some of the small steps that can be taken to really see results.
Session delivered by:
Tine Thygesen, Expert to the Digital Tourism Think Tank & CEO of Everplaces

-- Coffee Break --

Facebook Workshop

11:30 - 12:30

Facebook needs no introduction. Vacation plans, holiday photos and holiday memories are among the most shared on FB. In other words, FB can be considered as a fantastic large marketplace for the tourism industry. This talk discusses how to get the most from Facebook, including how to integrate new platform rollouts such as the recent 'open graph search' feature.
Session delivered by:
Christianne Wahl, Facebook Account Manager Norway
Tim Nilo, Facebook Client Partner Norway

-- Lunch Buffet --

Google Workshop

14:00 - 14:45

Details coming soon.
Session delivered by:
Espen Grimmert, Google

Content Strategy for Business

14:45 - 15:45

The content workshop will provide a fully interactive session all about how small businesses can tap into the power of amazing content to create meaningful customer experiences and strong interactions with potential visitors. During the session, Martin will work with a selection of destinations to help them and others understand the importance of relevant and timely content in digital.
Session delivered by:
Martin Schobert, Expert to the Digital Tourism Think Tank & CEO of Turismusdesign

-- Coffee Break --

Understanding the Digital Visitor

16:15 - 17:15

The starting point for any digital strategy is understanding how the digital visitor becomes aware of, researches, plans, books and shares his or her trips. Precedent have carried out extensive research and benchmarking on this topic and will be talking about how to perfect the marketing funnel and reach consumers at the point where you can have the most impact.
Session delivered by:
Lindsay Herbert, Head of Digital at Precedent

Getting to Grips with Digital

17:15 - 17:45

The Digital Tourism Think Tank’s expertise focuses on analysing and benchmarking the latest trends in digital. Armed with this knowledge, the session will take a drilled-down industry focus to what this might actually mean to anybody with a product or service to market. All organisations, from family run to internationally dominant, struggle to keep up with the changing pace of technology and the increasingly independent and well-connected visitor. The workshop will focus on how to prepare, plan and deliver effective results at any level or size and the steps to future proof your business against change.
Session delivered by:
Nick Hall, Director of the Digital Tourism Think Tank

*The programme is currently a draft, so please check back soon to see the latest updates

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