Day 2 - DMO Workshops
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Day 2 - DMO Workshops

How to select and work with key Influencers?

09:00 - 10:00

The evolution of social media has taken the tourism industry by storm as destinations eagerly tap-into the power of peer endorsement and social media advocacy. In this session, participants will learn how to motivate passionate brand ambassadors to speak about the destination and how to craft the perfect social media strategy to create buzz and excitement about a destination.
Session delivered by:
Isabel Mosk, Expert to the Digital Tourism Think Tank & Strategist and Director at Think! Social Media

Content Strategy for Destinations

10:00 - 11:00

Martin will discuss a variety of topics, including the importance of doing a content audit and the three types of digital content in travel and tourism. He will examine ways to produce content that the user really wants, including flow management and basics of storytelling, plus how to plan and develop compelling content for your brand/product. Martin's session will also examine the basics for search engine optimisation in travel and tourism, and focus on online PR and the customer journey, plus how to build strong digital relationships.
Session delivered by:
Martin Schobert, Expert to the Digital Tourism Think Tank & CEO of Turismusdesign

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TripAdvisor Destination Workshop

11:30 - 12:30

As the world's number one travel site, the influence of TripAdvisor cannot be ignored. Through this 'maximising the value' session, participants will learn about the range of free tools available to DMOs to help them tap into the world's largest travel community and create brand awareness where it matters most. The TripAdvisor workshop will provide a 'hands on' walk through of tools as well as presenting a number of inspiring DMO case studies, showcasing some of the best and most innovative DMO campaigns.
Session delivered by:
Tim Schofield, DMO Senior Sales Executive, TripAdvisor

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Transmedia Storytelling

14:00 - 15:00

In this session the team at the Digital Tourism Think Tank will talk about one of the most significant trends in digital right now; transmedia storytelling. Engaging visitors at every step of the visitor buying cycle is fundamental to an effective digital strategy and now, with the always-online visitor, using different technologies and touch-points effectively is central to getting the message right. We’ll be showcasing a collection of industry best practices to demonstrate the value of transmedia storytelling.
Session delivered by:
Ramona Wagner, Digital Tourism Think Tank

Digital PR and Blogtrips

15:00 - 16:00

Blogtrips are increasingly replacing the traditional FAM Trip, as PR departments are quickly wising up to the power of peer endorsement and the opportunities of working with bloggers to create amazing content. Gary Bembridge, a veteran travel blogging expert, will be talking about what travellers really want and how to plan, deliver and get the most out of working with bloggers.
Session delivered by:
Gary Bembridge, Marketing and Branding Consultant

-- Coffee Break --

Mobile Strategy for Destinations

16:30 - 17:30

This workshop will explore every aspect of mobile strategy, working with DMOs to understand how to get to grips with mobile. Tine will be exploring the range of points to consider when planning for mobile, such as: When is mobile good, what is it good for versus other media formats, Mobile vs Mobile, time and cost DMOs should plan for, good features vs. expensive features (what is hard to build!), plus future predictions for mobile.
Session delivered by:
Tine Thygesen, Expert to the Digital Tourism Think Tank & CEO of Everplaces

*The programme is currently a draft, so please check back soon to see the latest updates

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