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Nicholas Hall
SE1 Media Ltd 

With more than 10 years experience working in digital tourism marketing, Nicholas has a broad knowledge of both the marketing sector and the tourism industry. He is currently the Managing Director of SE1 Media, a boutique marketing and consulting company he founded in 2006. Hall_Nicholas

Ramona Wagner
SE1 Media Ltd 

Ramona currently works as SE1 Media's Research and Strategy Coordinator. Having studied marketing and tourism, Ramona has a solid understanding of destination strategies and specialises in tourism e-marketing, where she is currently developing a benchmark for the industry looking at the digital profile of destinations and pulling out best practice examples. Wagner_Ramona

Tine Thygesen

Tine Thygesen is an expert in digital and mobile marketing. She is the CEO of mobile travel company Everplaces, a global travel tool, which also enables marketing managers build their own promotional apps. She has started several tech companies and is deeply connected within the world of digital and mobile. george-white

Martin Schobert
Managing Director and Founder of "tourismusdesign"

Martin Schobert is founder of Tourismusdesign, and comes with more then 15 years experience in destination marketing. Martin, previously Head of R&D at the Austrian National Tourism Organisation, has worked on a wide range of fascinating tourism initiatives and given workshops and keynotes.

His fields of expertise include: product development and design of brand experiences of destinations, attractions, sceneries, leisure parks and cable car companies; optimising the “customer journey” of travellers by customer centred service design; coaching in (digital) communications (online brand management, corporate wording, storytelling, content strategy, online-PR, user enhanced content, relaunches, “on the road”).

Siri Børsum
Industry Leader at Google Norway AS

Siri Børsum leads the travel team in Norway for Google, whose aim is to develop and deliver ground breaking digital solutions to the travel sector in Norway. Siri joined Google in 2007 and has 6 years of experience with digital strategy. Prior to Google, Siri has worked as marketing and sales manager at Kanal 24 (now Radio Norge) and media manager at several media agencies in Norway. She is on the Board of Directors at American Chamber of Commerce in Norway and Member of Board at Lillehammer Turist. She has a Master in European Business and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the UK. siri_150x100

Helena Egan
Head of Destination Marketing Sales, EMEAA at TripAdvisor

Helena brings over 13 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry. She joined TripAdvisor from Travel Weekly, U.S. and has also worked for Visit Britain and numerous cruise lines. For the past 12 years she has lived in London, and prior to that, in six countries. Helena is now responsible for Destination Marketing Sales EMEAA at TripAdvisor where she has worked since 2008. helena_egan

Lindsay Herbert
Head of Digital at Precedent

An expert in the digital medium with a passion for social media and user experience, Lindsay develops and leads large-scale communications strategies and marketing campaigns for the web. From the planning phases through to implementation, Lindsay works with our content, campaign and SEO specialists to ensure the digital vision is maintained throughout with the latest tools and most proven techniques.

Lindsay’s experience crosses many sectors and spans the full range of digital services, including developing large-scale strategies and overhauling entire web presences, as well as implementing campaigns and SEO and PPC services.

Her clients include BlackRock, Intellectual Property Office, Crimestoppers, Monash University, Cardiff University, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust and Sport Wales.

Before joining Precedent, Lindsay worked with the travel and tourism sectors across Canada. One of her major achievements was creating a multi-platform online presence for the Canadian Badlands tourist region, which included an extensive website design and build, and an integrated marketing campaign. She also worked as a Marketing and New Media Consultant in the commercial sector, and as a journalist.

Isabel Mosk
Strategist and Director at Think! Social Media

Isabel is currently Strategist and Director at Think! Social Media, a boutique digital marketing agency with a laser-focus on the tourism industry and its roots in social media. This organization is comprised of a group of individuals who are extremely passionate about innovation in tourism and hold a high-level of expertise in their respective fields. They help destinations to find the people who are passionate about the experiences that they offer and to communicate in a way that consumers want to listen.  isabel_mosk

Hans Petter Almo
Portal manager -

Hans Petter has been working passionately with the interconnected cyberspace (remember "VR"?) aka the world wild web for ~15 years. He used to be a bored librarian, luckily Internet came along. If he was a singer/songwriter his #1 hit would have been "The Internet saved my life".  hans_petter_almo

Christianne Wahl
Account Manager at Facebook

Christianne Wahl works as an Account Manager for the Norwegian market, and has been with Facebook since the beginning of the year. She is part of the Global Marketing Solutions team, based out of Dublin, and her job revolves around driving strategic marketing conversations with Norwegian companies and media agencies. Christianne supports clients in implementing new solutions and products, and optimizing clients' campaigns, either it be branding-oriented or direct response. One of Christianne's favourite travel destinations is Milan in Italy, where she highly recommends trying what the locals call an "aperitivo".  Christianne_Wahl

Tim Nilo
Client Partner at Facebook

Tim Nilo works as a Client Partner for the Norwegian market, and has been with Facebook for the past two and a half years. Based at the European Headquarters in Dublin, he is part of the Global Marketing Solutions team who works closely with the top advertisers and agencies in Europe, the Middle-East and Africa. Tim has worked with online marketing for the past 5 years, and prior to Facebook he worked with affiliate, e-mail and display marketing for a wide range of verticals, including travel.

Living in rainy Dublin, and prior to that 4 years in Bergen, he´s also a passionate traveller with South-East Asia and the archipelago outside his hometown Sandefjord being the two favorite destinations.

Gary Bembridge
Marketing and Branding Consultant. Travel Writer, Blogger, Podcaster, Video Maker

After 30 years global marketing experience as a Global Vice President managing and building brands for companies like Unilever and Johnson & Johnson, Gary is now an independent marketing and branding consultant helping build global brands. His main expertise is in Brand Strategy & Positioning; Innovation and Product Development; Brand Communication including traditional and new digital media; and the Development and Delivery of Marketing Training Programs and Processes.  Gary_Bembridge
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