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DTC Norway 2013

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The two-day workshop will take destinations on a journey through the digital buying cycle, introducing each pillar for creating an amazing digital strategy. The workshops start with branding and awareness and travel all the way through to peer influence and advocacy. The programme helps delegates understand how to navigate the digital landscape to deliver the right message in the right place at the right time, to turn digital visitors into real visitors.

Workshop Format

The event aims to create a ‘campus’ style setting, where participants can get involved, ask questions, network with each other and choose which sessions best fit their needs. The order of workshop sessions takes participants on a digital journey through the visitor buying cycle, with each session organised by a leading industry expert in that specific field and by the end of the programme completing the visitor planning circle in terms of key topics to be considered.

Sessions will be interactive, inviting a selection of DMOs to remain on stage and interact with the workshop leader as one would do in smaller workshop settings, with the audience able to join in if they wish. Following each workshop, time will be given for one-to-one or small group consultation sessions with the workshop leader so there is adequate time to really look in detail at what they’re doing and get help from experts in person.

Case Studies and Special Features

In addition to running the workshops, the Digital Tourism Think Tank will identify examples of Best Practice within the Norwegian tourism industry. We’ll be showcasing the destinations we consider the most innovative, following-up at the event with video interviews and special features to be published throughout the year on the platform.

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