Instagram Strategy for Destinations
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Learn + Produce | Hands-on With Content

For the first edition of the Digital Tourism Content Campus we are brining to you something really exciting: one half day of workshops in which you will have the opportunity not only to learn from industry leaders but also to get your hands-on producing great and engaging content.

Instagram Strategy for Destinations | Eelco Roos

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Eelco Roos is one of the most influential creatives on Instagram with a whopping following of nearly half a million fans. He quit his successful career with IBM once his instagram followers hit 100k and since then hasn't looked back.

Today, Eelco is working with brands all over the world to help them tap into the opportunities of great content marketing and how to really maximise the opportunity of instagram as one of the fastest growing social media channels out there with a distinct user base and unique follower engagement.

In this workshop, Eeelco is going to talk from a brand perspective about how to achieve success on Instagram both in building your own content offer but also by engaging the wider instagram community of influencers around the world.


Learn how to build a community on Instagram and how to work strategically with others, both influential instagrammers and successful brands, to build a story around the destination. Gain a deeper understanding by looking at a range of tactical and strategic approaches. Take good note from Eelco's experience of working with other DMOs as well as leading brands such as Samsung and Sony to demonstrate best practices that can be applied back at home.


Learn for real by going on an instatrip with an influencer! Makes sense, right? Eelco is going to take participants out and about on an instatrip to discover how to work in the field, with mobile photography and opportunities and challenges of posting content on the go.

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