The Faroe Islands
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The Faroe Islands

Situated in the North Atlantic Ocean only two hours by plane from mainland Europe the 18 mountainous islands of the Faroe Islands offer 1,289 kilometers of coastline and a proximity of no more than five kilometers to the ocean from any point of the islands. Way off the standard traveller’s radar, adrift in the frothing swells of the north Atlantic, this mysterious 18 small islands have been defined by the New York Times:

the “next great Scandinavian destination.”

The close proximity provides the visitor with a variety of experiences of nature – from dramatic landscapes meeting the wild ocean to the peacefulness of the mountains to the nightlife of the capital Tórshavn. The islands are at the same time ancient and very modern. Multicoloured cottages and grass-roofed wooden churches are dotted across the 18 archipelagos. Breath-stealing landscapes of rolling green pastures, stretching to cliffs that plunge into the sea.

National Geographic Traveler and their millions of readers and followers on social medias have voted the Faroe Islands as their favorite travel destination, or "Readers Choice" for 2015. The government of the Faroe Islands pitches its tiny home with a straightforward phrase: "Unspoiled, Unexplored, Unbelievable." Are you ready to explore them?

Did you know that 2016 has 366 days! Why not spend your earned time in the Faroe Islands?


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