DMO Battles
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DMO Battles

2 DMOs, 10 minutes, 10 slides, 10 points...... who's gonna win the Battle?

A brand new session at the Digital Tourism Innovation Campus 2015 is the DMO Battles. An interesting and fun concept which we liken to the popular television series ‘The Voice’. But naturally our workshop will be focused on digital tourism as opposed to singing!

DMO Battles involves snappy ten minute sessions in which DMOs give presentations to assembled attendees on a key topic in digital marketing presenting a series of 10 slides, and each battle will incorporate two differing slants on a similar marketing topic.

One DMO might offer a presentation on the attractiveness of the Northern Lights, and how its particular campaign attracted people to the region based on this extraordinary natural phenomenon. While the opposing DMO might offer material on how it produced a marketing campaign centred on the recent solar eclipse.

The DMO Battles will not be limited to merely advertising campaigns. All aspects and every base of digital marketing will be covered, and DMOs maybe instead opt to discuss the advantages of various social media platforms, such as the young upstarts Instagram and Snapchat.

This is a fun and impactful way to examine some of the key issues and hot potatoes in digital tourism marketing at the beginning of the 21st century. Are you ready to find out the winner?

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