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Two sides of the story

A new session called Trend Perspectives will form part of this year's event. We will involve some of the leading experts in the digital tourism marketing industry talking about a wide variety of relevant topics, a talking shop for the most attuned minds and experts in the industry to debate some of the most significant topics in the contemporary travel industry.

There will be a particular focus in Trend Perspectives on assessing the big digital tools that people are utilising today. The idea behind this is to critique and face-off some of the most disruptive technologies in digital tourism marketing. Some of the topics which are likely to make an appearance include social media, content marketing, mobile platforms, wearables, nearables and hearables, and micro-blogging communities.

Trend Perspectives will give attendees a real insight into the different ways that some of the key tools in digital tourism marketing are being utilised by industry experts.

Twitter is obviously one of the most widely used social media platforms on the planet, but it is something that can be utilised differently depending on the approach of the particular marketing department. Some travel-related companies and destinations use Twitter to impart customer service, while others see it more as a marketing tool. How about mobile? Some companies see it purely as a marketing opportunity, while others utilise it conversely to provide visitors with a service once they have reached their destination.

These two examples introduce the concept of different marketing mediums being utilised in contrasting ways, and Trend Perspectives will examine and assess the multitude of ways that this is happening across the digital tourism marketing industry.

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