Wednesday 4th February 2015
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08:45–09:15 > AULA MAGNA

Welcome to ENTER 2015 |  Lorenzo Cantoni (IFITT President)

Welcome and Team Presentation | Aurkene Alzua (ENTER 2015 Chair)

Welcome to ENTER 2015 | Piero Matricoli (President, Università della Svizzera italiana)

Welcome to Swiss Day | Miriam Scaglione (Swiss Day Chair)

Welcome and Administration | Luca Grassi (Conference Host)


09:15–10:45 > AULA MAGNA

The Mobile Revolution in Tourism: What are and will be the Factors of Success? | Victor Schlegel (Swisscom)

Hotel Pricing in a Social World: How Price, User Generated Content and Loyalty Impact Buying | Kelly McGuire (SAS Institute, Inc.)

MODERATOR: Eduardo Santander, European Travel Commission (ETC), Belgium


12:15–13:00 CET > AULA MAGNA

Towards a new era of innovation and engagement |Juan Antonio Zufiria (IBM Europe)

MODERATOR: Aurkene Alzua, CICtourGUNE, Spain



Making Sense of Tourism Big Data & Best Practices in E-Marketing

Juan Antonio Zufiria (IBM Europe Railways)

Jukka Pekka Onnela (Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard University)

Kelly McGuire (SAS Institute, Inc.)

David Topolewski (Qooco)

MODERATOR: Dan Fesenmaier, University of Florida, USA

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