Your Visit to Geneva
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A warm welcome to Geneva!

During your stay, why not spare some time and enjoy some of Geneva’s highlights?

Don’t miss Geneva’s Top 10, of particular interest is the Bohemian area of Geneva, known as Carouge, cruising on the lake, enjoying the stunning views of Geneva from the Salève, and shopping in the city centre.

For GCC specific attractions, we recommend the Geneva Amazing Experiences (in Arabic and English), a tailor made mini guide to Geneva, especially for the GCC traveler.

For after-hours drinks, the Eaux-Vives district is ideal. Enjoy a drink at Yvette de Marseille or mouth-watering cocktails at Atelier Cocktail. Why not mingle with locals and enjoy a drink at the Bains des Paquis?

Also not to be missed is the spectacular view of Geneva and the lake; enjoy a meal or some drinks at one of our roof top lounge bars? Check out the 5 Lounge bar at the Swissotel Metropole or Rooftop 42.

If you are keen on enjoying a typical Swiss meal, we recommend the Restaurant des Armuresor the Brasserie – Restaurant de L’hotel De Ville both in the old town.

For some more GCC typical experiences, we highly recommend two Lebanese restaurants that offer Halal meat: Chez Sami in the Paquis area and Chez Fouad.

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Wishing you a wonderful stay in Geneva and don't forget to use #visitgeneva #جنيف

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